Request a website proposal from a basic website to custom ecommerce

Things that are involved in preparing a website proposal.

Structure and Conversion

Someone has to think about pages, navigation and usability, and the best way to get users from here to there. Once visitors get to your website the content needs to styled so that it persuades them to take action on your website – buy that widget, fill in that form etc.


It doesn’t matter if you write the copy yourself or hire a specialized copywriter the text still needs to be collated, spell-checked, proof read before it can be used.


Regardless of whether you have your own photos, need them taken, or simply want to use stock images they still have to be resized, retouched, and organised.


There needs to be some thought put into choosing colours, fonts and graphics so they work with your brand and match your other marketing collateral.

Page Layout

The location of headers, footers, sidebars opt-in boxes, and social media icons need to be decided to provide the best possible chance of converting visitors into clients.


Your website will need good quality code that works quickly and doesn’t crash causing errors, or breaking your website completely.


There are dozens of different web browsers that run on Macs and PC’s that all need to display the basic website without a glitch. This means coding, testing and fixing all of the issue to provide the best experience for visitors – regardless of what they use.


Visitors to your website using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones will soon make up the bulk of the people looking at your website. This means someone has to ensure your website looks good on different sized screens while still being able to be read and used properly.

Social media

Successful online businesses will leverage social media including Facebook, twitter and Google+. So someone needs to integrate your social media accounts into your website and create easy methods to share your content with others.

Go live

Someone has to buy your domain name, install your site on a hosting server, set up the DNS, get your analytics, webmaster tools and sitemaps and make sure everything is working.

It’s a long list of things that need done to ensure you get the best possible website. I haven’t listed them so I can justify putting a large price tag on the cost of a website. No, it is simply to give you a better understanding of the tasks that a web designer has to carry out in order to determine the cost of building your website.

website  proposal

Great web design

Great web design