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Easy Reservation system is a WordPress plugin to receive, manage and process reservations. It is very flexible, fully translatable and can be used for any rent-able property.


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    With the payment gateways, invoices and Excel export it’ll allow you to manage not only your reservations, but also your income and complete accounting in one system. For your guests your website will be much more interactive. They can search for available resources, edit their reservations afterwards and even communicate with the administrators with a chat-like function. The HTML emails and its three very beautiful templates will increase the appeal of your business. To reduce your work and increase the working flow you can let the reservation system approve automatically after the user submits their information or payment. For international websites, the forms and emails can have multilingual content. The calendar can show multiple months by a flexible grid and is also available in a hourly version. New styles improve nearly every part of the plugin visually.