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email marketing

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of communicating with your clients and prospects, email is an essential tool in your digital marketing toolbox.

  • create compelling signup forms and organize your lists of contacts,
  • design custom email newsletters that reflect your brand and highlight your offer,
  • manage your email marketing and campaigns,
  • provide reports so you can analyse click through rates.


Search engine optimization

SEO is the fine-tuning of your website to make it as search engine friendly as possible, and can improve your position in the search engines. We can help…

  • check your keywords and phrases to find the best strategy and optimal chance of success,
  • optimize your content to ensure your keywords are included in URLs, titles and meta data,
  • enable SEO software to create and automatically post sitemaps and manage your keywords,
  • set up Google Analytics to measure keyword performance and conversions.


Social media consultancy

Having an engaging social media presence is a great way of showing your personality and rewarding interaction with your ‘fans’. We can help…

  • advise on social media along with the email marketing strategy for your business operations and marketing activity,
  • provide integration tools on your website to showcase your latest social media posts,
  • ensure your web site is able to be shared and liked by your visitors,
  • create brand specific graphics for your social media profiles.


Pay per click advertising (PPC)

Sometimes you need a little help with driving traffic, especially when launching a new venture online e.g email marketing. We can help…

  • give free advice on how PPC can help boost your visibility,
  • set up Google AdWords accounts and keyword research,
  • design your landing pages and A/B testing for online advertising,
  • set up Google Analytics to measure ad performance and conversions.

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